Event Info

    International Rhythmic Gymnastics Invitational

    May 11th to May 13th 2018

    You are invited to take part in our 19th Annual Millennium Cup International Invitational in Vancouver,
    British Columbia, Canada. Hosted in Capilano University, our event features some of Canada’s top National Team Members, guests from across Canada, USA and abroad as well as many upcoming and talented young athletes in Individual and Group in a competition open to All Levels.

    Join the fun, excitement, challenge and friendship of one of Canada’s most well established International events right here in beautiful Vancouver, BC.

    We hope to see you in Vancouver May 11-13, 2018!

    Adrienne Arnold
    Technical Director

    Contact us by phone 1.604.261.2752
    Contact us by e-mail adriennearnold@shaw.ca or info@millenniumcupvancouver.com

    REGISTRATION FORM & FEES, March 26, 2018


    Can be paid by E-Transfer to : marnold2@shaw.ca

    OR PAY ONLINE  here


    Individuals: 4 routines                                                   $155.00 CAD

    Individuals: 3 routines                                                   $125.00 CAD

    Individuals: 2 routines                                                   $100.00 CAD

    Individuals: 1 routine                                                     $50.00 CAD

    • Delegations responsible for own airfare and accommodation.
    • One judge requested per international team
    • Web site information www.millenniumcupvancouver.com


    Canadian National and International Categories

    Level 10                  Junior & Seniors, National/International Team Members FIG Program

    Level 9                    Junior & Seniors                                                                        FIG Program


    Novice National  Year of Birth 2006- 2007  Free, + 3 of any Apparatus.  Note: Canadian Apparatus Rope, Ball, Clubs


    Pre Novice(3D)Year of Birth 2007-2009Free,+3Apparatus, Note:Canadian Apparatus Free, Rope and  Ball OR Hoop

    Canadian Development Categories (similar to Level 8, 7 or 6 age groups USA)

    Senior(6C & 6B & 6A 2003 or older)                 3 routines, no Free.

    Junior 5 C  2003, 2004,2005                              same as above rules for Junior and no Free

    Junior 5 B   2003, 2004,2005                             same as above rules for Junior and no Free

    Junior 5A    2003, 2004,2005                              same as above but WITH FREE

    Novice 4C    2005, 2006, 2007                           free + 3 apparatus

    Novice 4B (2005, 2006, 2007)                            free + 2 apparatus

    Novice 4A (2005,, 2005, 2007)                           free + 1 apparatus

    Pre Novice  3B or 3C  (2007, 2008, 2009)         free and  2 Apparatus

    Pre Novice 3A (2007, 2008, 2009)                     free and 1 Apparatus



    Please Upload Music Online http://rgform.eu/menu.php?akcia=NP&id_prop=638on or before Deadline of April 11th 2018

    Please bring CD’s as Backup



    Megan Magid – FIG Brevet III

    Phone: 604.764.8193

    Email marnold2@shaw.ca

    Please let us know if you are bringing a Judge



    Individual Trophies

    Awarded to the top All Around scorer in each Individual Age Level  per FIG International Category

    • Senior
    • Junior
    • Novice
    • Pre Novice



    1-10 All Around;

    1-3 per event in each category for Individual,

    1-3 Groups in each Level and age category


    4-10 per event in each category for Individual



    Holiday Inn & Suites


    Phone: 604-985-3111

    Toll – Free 1-877-985 – 3111

    Room rate: one night $159.00 tax (max 4 person per room)


    To make individual reservation, please call hotel directly at 1-877-985-3111 and ask for rooms under group block name (Millennium Cup 2018 Rhythmic Gymnastics.) OR email request to book to sales@hinorthvancouver.ca on or before April 11, 2018. Past this cut-off date, group rate is no longer available and all rooms not picked up will be released for general sale.


    Holiday Inn and Suites is within 7 min walking distance to the competition venue




    2055 PURCELL WAY, North Vancouver

    FIG approved Mitufa Carpet – competition hall

    FIG approved Mitufa Carpet – warm up hall