About the Cup

    The Millenium Cup

    Millennium Cup International Invitational was founded in 2000 by the Coaches of Adagio International Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy of Vancouver. The Coaches believed strongly in the importance and value of “learning from competition” for all levels of athletes. Vancouver and indeed Canada as a whole saw very little in the way of international caliber athletes from other countries competing in Canada and felt it was time to bring the excitement of visiting athletes from North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Asia to compete at a friendly competition in “beautiful BC”. Indeed the vision they had in 2000 has come true and over the years we’ve had countless wonderful athletes from all the above mentioned regions of the world honour us with their presence and enthrall us with their beauty and talent over these last many years.

    Millennium Cup is still a friendly and rewarding experience for all those many teams, clubs, athletes, coaches and judges who take part each year. Our Vancouver doors are always open and welcoming to athletes from beginner levels right up to international level – there will always be a category that accommodates every gymnast’s program. The Awards are generous, the smiles are numerous and the hospitality is without question. Come and experience for yourself Millennium Cup International Invitational, Vancouver and one of Canada’s premiere international competitions.

    Adrienne Arnold, Founder/Director

    Adagio Rhythmic Academy